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One Number VoIP Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette use one number. Do enable call forwarding.

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Published on May 16, 2015 | 0:31 Seconds | Science and Technology

One number is a popular VoIP feature. It forwards calls from one telecommunications number to another. The user designates the number to which calls are forwarded, the one number.

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Published on May 10, 2013 | 1:07 Minutes | Science and Technology

One number helps organize your calls. It is a personal organizer because it screens calls for you. It works kind of like digital secretary. Contacts call the one number, which screens and forwards the call to your actual number. It provides a back-up contact for lost numbers in some cases. It provides privacy for business and other associates as well.


Use one number because call forwarding and voicemail make it accessible.

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