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Video Netiquette The Culture of Digital Motion Pictures

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Video Netiquette

Video Netiquette is the culture of digital motion pictures. Most of it is Amateur and Semi-Pro. Premiums networks exist. Games are inclued.

The higher your internet speed the better your stream. Recent developments in technology have made streaming more effective, less choppy. Games are popular.

Digital video is a category of online communication. There are subcategories for various networks. Below is a list of some of them.

  • Premium
  • Social Video
  • Video Games
  • Entertainment Consoles
  • Mobile Video


Video netiquette rules are conventions for creating and consuming engaging content. They are intended to have positive effects.

The fundamental rule is to watch, support, and create positive content. Negative content has entertainment value.

There is strength in numbers. Violent motion pictures and video games have been proven by many studies to increase aggressive behavior.

Aggressive behavior should be mitigated with positive alternatives. Exercise or other physical activity can offset violent content. Aggression requires and outlet.


Streaming multimedia is the constant delivery of content through the internet. Music, video, and games are streamed.

This is different from downloading because streams are meant to be enjoyed as the content is delivered. It is not meant to be saved for later.

Video is the display of motion pictures. There are several competing digital formats each with a different file type. They are not compatible.

Software may convert files. Internet video is usually displayed through the MP4 file type. Quality is another factor. High quality requires more data.

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