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Video Netiquette Rules Guidelines for Motion Pictures

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Video Netiquette Rules

This medium is the most engaging. It contains all forms available content. Following these guidelines builds strong communities because they are positive.


1. Use Earphones

Use earphones in public. More »

2. Nice Comments

Post positive comments. More »

3. No Violence

Refrain from depicting or watching human violence. More »

4. Encouraging Comments

Provide constructive criticism. Comments that provide feedback creators can use. More »

5. Give Credit

Protect your content by crediting the source. More »

6. Watch Responsibly

Watch motion pictures responsibly. More »

This is the eighth layer of online communication, Video Netiquette Rules. This is the highest level. It encompasses all forms of online communication. The medium may contain audio, visual, and text in motion pictures.

Community building is the focus of these rules. Good entertainment is the outcome they are trying to instill. From the first to the last rule, they are about bringing us together in common experiences. Identifying with the good things we do is positive.

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