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Music Video Network Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to use music to move the story along. Do include background music.


Music helps tell the story in video. The type sets the mood. Fast upbeat music is exciting. Background noise from production can be hidden with it.

Internet Etiquette

A musical track that is 25% of the volume of the voice track allows voices to be heard over it. Music is a great way to smooth over the mistakes of amateur video.


Use music because it helps move stories along and hides background noise.

Audio Visual Video

Published on May 17, 2015 | 0:33 Seconds | Science and Technology

An overview of Digital Video Netiquette. Key terms and graphics that correspond to explanations.


David Chiles

YouTube Guidelines

Published on October 9, 2012 | 1:42 Minutes | Science and Technology

The rules of Netiquette for YouTube by with Nancy Netiquette, Vivian Video, and David Chiles.


Nancy Netiquette

Vivian Video

David Chiles

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