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Video Game Netiquette Rules Guidelines for Good Play

Video Game Netiquette Rules

Video Game Netiquette Rules. They are the social rules of digital video competition. The theme of these conventions is positive entertainment.

These games are entertainment. The conventions facilitate having fun in a socially supportive atmosphere. The experience should be a good one. There are many positive things that come from playing games. Some issues have to be mitigated.

Guidelines provide a basis for a good time. Tips for having fun. Conventions to ensure issues do not inhibit positive interaction.

This is the social code of sportsmanship followed when playing electronic games. Video is the eighth layer of Netiquette. Common conventions users follow playing games is a sub-category.


1. Just A Game

Remember it is just a game. More »

2. Rivalry

Rivalry is acceptable because it promotes improvement. More »

3. No Cheating

Don't cheat because cheaters never win. Scores do not determine who wins. More »

4. Good Sports

Be a good sport because how you play a game matters in real life. More »

5. Cooperate

Cooperate with your team because it makes you a better player and person. More »

6. Learn

Learn from mistakes to become a better player and person. More »

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