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Tablet Netiquette

Tablet Netiquette is the culture of using open face touchscreen computers. They are easily movable hand held computers with internet connections.

Apps enable their use for almost any computing function. Laptops have tablets built in. Tablets have keyboards accessories that make them laptops.

A society of users has emerged. Use is cultural. Schools use them. Their features set them apart from other mobile devices.


Tablet netiquette rules center around the apps, touch screens, and type of use. There are some apps designed specifically for tablets.

Responsive web pages give them the most consideration. Keyboards make them highly functional. Guidelines for appropriate use are the boundaries we place on what is possible versus what is acceptable.

It is possible to take notes on a laptop. It is more acceptable to take notes on a tablet. This is a social constraint.

Customary practices deal with social constraints as well as technical use. These computers can be used in a lot of situations. They are appropriate in most settings.

Most people will not use a tablet unless it is acceptable because they are big enough for everyone to see. How we use them is situational.


A tablet is a computer with a touch screen. There are built in applications. The Operating System allows the installation of apps.

There is no keyboard or case to close. Keyboards can be attached or connected. Cases are often purchased.

Schools use tablets in classrooms. People use them as entertainment devices. Laptops are more popular for business and in home use. The tablet market is a niche.

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