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Tablet Netiquette Rules Guidelines for Conventional Use

Tablet Netiquette Rules

Tablet Netiquette Rules. Guidelines and tips for effective communication with open face touch screen computers. These things are highly mobile. Not quite ultra, but they can be carried a lot of places.

The customs of use have an element of respect. They are big enough that using them in public is easily influenced by those around us. Respect should and is given to our surroundings more so than with smartphones. It is harder to hide what your doing with a tablet so it should be acceptable.

Tablet Netiquette is the social code of using open face touch screen computers that are easily movable. Mobile is the third layer of online interaction. These tips are a sub-category of the Mobile layer.


1. Greetings

Greet people you are meeting before you turn it on in group settings. More »

2. Public Restrooms

Don’t use them in public bathrooms because that is not there intended purpose. More »

3. Open Screen

Share with friends. They facilitate sharing with small groups. More »

4. Earphones

Use earphones to play media inside hotspots. More »

5. Appropriate Use

Use where appropriate. Discretion must be used because tablets are ultra portable. More »

6. Digital Distraction

Do not let it distract you from important activities. Using it can be a time sink. More »

7. Content

Always be aware that your screen is open to public. No adult content in public or semi-public places. More »

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An introduction to Tablet Netiquette. Keywords, graphics, and symbols.


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