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Public Restrooms Tablet Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to refrain from using them in public restrooms. Don't use it in the bathroom at restaurants or coffee shops.


Tablets are not made for use in the bathroom because they should not get wet. There is a a greater chance of getting a tablet computer wet in the bathroom because the intended use of a bathroom includes washing your hands. Washing hands and using a computer is not advisable because the residual moisture may ruin the computer. Don’t use a tablet in the bathroom because it could get wet and you are supposed to wash your hands.

Internet Etiquette

Tablets may get wet and break if used in the bathroom. It is not the intended purpose of a bathroom. Using the Internet in a public restroom is not an intended use either. Bathrooms allow for some privacy. Using the Internet in the bathroom for privacy costs the public their use of a restroom.


Don't use tablets in public bathrooms because other may need to use them.

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