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Greetings Tablet Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to greet people in meetings before turning it on. Don't ignore people your supposed to engage.


A tablet is a social device with personal applications. It’s made for the internet culture to share with others and engage the user with touch. Tablets are the culmination of the internet culture because most people have tried to show someone else a web page they were viewing. Everyone wants to share their interests to willing listeners, friends. Tablets allow this. Even if someone only sees it when they are looking over your shoulder. The tablet content influences the cyberspheric conditions more than a laptop because of view ability.

Internet Etiquette

When users go to a coffee shop or other wireless hotspot many make a purchase before they begin surfing. They greet the barista, give them their name, wait to be called, then take a seat. This ritual is a greeting to all around you and your seat is affirmation of the shared culture of the internet.

Keep it real. If you are using your tablet at school acknowledge the teacher and say hello to your class friends before you turn it on because it’s a public device. In meetings greet the participants before you turn on your tablet. Greeting people before you turn on your digital device shows you respect reality more than your digital device.


Greetings come first in meetings because the open face makes it a shared experience.

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