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Privacy Social Media Netiquette Rules

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It is proper Netiquette to respect the privacy of others. Don't gossip.


Friends trust each other with personal information that is considered private. Stuff they don’t tell everyone. Sharing the personal information of your friends cyber or real makes you an untrustworthy user.

Internet Etiquette

Gossip is part of life and part of the internet. Social Media is built on sharing personal information about yourself with your friends. There is a line that should not be crossed when sharing information. It is acceptable to share personal information about yourself, but not your friends.

It is unfair to your friends, enemies, and associates if you share their personal information online. They cannot control their online identities if you do. Sharing information about your friends is taking their online identity without permission.

For example, there is an old commercial where a person is returning to work from an interview and a co-worker asks him how he is doing. He responds that he just had an interview and he says ‘nailed it’. This commercial is a joke because most people know that they will be fired from their current job if they let anyone know they are interviewing for other ones. If a friend were to share this information with a mutual friend in a status post it could get someone fired.


Don’t share the personal information of others without permission because it breaches privacy.

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