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Social Network Netiquette Rules Dos and Dont's for Engaging Contacts

Social Network Netiquette Rules

Social Network Netiquette Rules are the code of connecting with contacts. This Netiquette page article is about Netiquette Rules.

Social Network Netiquette is the social code of engaging contacts within a domain. Social Networks are a sub-category of Social Media. Social Media is the second layer of internet communication.


1. Friends First

Put your online friends before your online image. More »

2. Constructive Criticism

Provide constructive criticism using the sandwich technique. More »

3. Friend Cautiously

Offer and accept friend requests with caution. More »

4. Unfriend Reasonably

End cyber relationships with good reason. More »

5. Positive Thinking

Think positive social network engagement. More »

6. Encouraging Words

Share encouraging words. More »

7. Pictures

Post pictures on social networks. More »

8. Engagement

Engage with likes, comments, and status updates. More »

9. No Bad Words

Delete negative words or comments in your profile. More »

10. Diversity

Embrace diverse opinions and people. More »

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