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No Bad Words Social Network Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to use positive words. Do delete negative content.


Negative words are a negative way of thinking. Positive words are a positive way of thinking. Removing negative words removes negative thinking that may be associated with those words.

Positive is word whose meaning is symbolized the plus sign. Negative is a word whose meaning is symbolized by the minus sign. Positives adds and negative subtract.

Internet Etiquette

A social network profile is an online image. Words define an online image and pictures show it. Negative words detract from an online image and positive words add to an online image. This is a fact independent of the meaning of any specific word.

Delete negative words from you profile to project a positive image. Positive images and words attract positive people. Negative words attract negative people.


Delete negative words because they detract from online images.

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