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Encouraging Words Social Network Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to share encouraging words. Do give compliments.


Discouraging words are troll comments by people who lack self esteem. I observed this kid cursing his friends out on the bus and could not figure out why someone who looked so normal would say such mean things to his friends as if he was joking. Then I looked at his shoes and their shoes. His shoes were worn out so bad that he should not have been wearing them. His friends all had on shoes that could still be worn.

Internet Etiquette

Encouraging words are contributions to a cyber friends self esteem and positive energy in cyberspace. Every contribution helps make the whole bigger. Contributions of kind and encouraging words add to a users self esteem. They make cyber friends feel better and cyberspace a more positive place because they are contributions to users self esteem. Encouraging words can help a cyber friend overcome obstacles and accomplish goals because self esteem is necessary to do these things.


Share encouraging words because it helps us accomplish goals and overcome obstacles.

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