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Friend Cautiously Social Network Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to offer and accept contact requests reasonably. Do make friends with certain people.


Anyone who would pose as someone else online is doing something bad. The more people who do it for any reason the more it will be done. There is no way to justify defrauding people into being friends with you online, but everyone does it. Beware, because this is also the type of friend that will ruin your online image.

Internet Etiquette

A cyber friend who practice improper Netiquette can cost you your online image and your account because users are judged by the images they and their friends portray. Bad cyber friends practice bad Netiquette. They tag cyber friends in photos that they are not in and use accounts to promote their business only. There are programs designed to help users find friends. These suggestions have no value because friendship is based on personal conversations that cannot be measured by a social network algorithm.


Offer and accept contacts with caution because they affect online images.

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