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Constructive Criticism Social Network Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to give constructive criticism with the sandwich technique. Don't be too critical. Do give compliments as well.


Criticism has its place. Its place is to help people become better, not to belittle or tear people down. Criticism without a way to construct something better is troll activity. Constructive criticism is communication that offers advice about a fact, topic, or issue. It builds on previous communication to reach a resolution between different views. Using constructive criticism informs the recipient that you disagree with a statement, action, or practice and offers a solution to a perceived problem or issue.

Internet Etiquette

The sandwich technique is a method of criticizing another without offending. It is not necessarily constructive, it’s nice. Using the sandwich technique requires at least two compliments and one complaint. Use a compliment to begin a criticism and end your complaint. For example, If a user takes issue with an inconsistent statement in a blog they may feel compelled to leave a comment. Leaving a comment with a compliment about a particular part of the post is a great way to start out. Then address the issue. Finally, compliment the author again about something general or specific.


Provide constructive criticism between compliments because it may not be accepted otherwise.

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