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Sensitive Information Smartphone Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to refrain from sharing sensitive information. Don't share important data.


Wireless networks are not secure by nature. The data flies through the air. This data can be intercepted by anyone within range.

Internet Etiquette

Many networks do not require passwords, which allow all data to be viewed by others with knowledge of the network. Save the sensitive transmissions for wire line transmission.


Don't share sensitive data because smartphones are not secure.

Audio Visual Video

Published on May 16, 2015 | 0:38 Seconds | Science and Technology

An introduction to Smartphone Netiquette. Keywords, graphics, and symbols.


David Chiles

Smartphone Guidelines

Published on February 14, 2012 | 1:12 Minutes | Science and Technology

The Rules of Smartphone Netiquette by David Chiles from a planet in the Cell Phone Cybershphere.


David Chiles

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