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Signature Netiquette A Culture of Credibility and Contact Information

Signature Netiquette

Email Signature Netiquette is the culture signing electronic mail. The name and contact information contained at the end of messages is customary.

An email signature is an entity's distinct written identification. It is used denote the authenticity of documents.

The information at the end of an email is a stamp of approval. It gives the message credibility. Promotion plays a role.


Email signature netiquette rules are the customs we use in identification at the end. The guidelines for the closing of an electronic mail message.

Every email should contain a signature. This is the central premise of the customs for the content. It is for authenticity.

The information varies. There are social guidelines depending on the type of message. Who is sending the message plays a role as well.

It provides the recipient with contact information. This means we stand behind our word. If there are any questions the recipient can contact us with the information provided.

Email Signature

An email signature is unique information provided at the end of a message for authenticity and identification. Contact information is customary.

Many email applications use signature files to place them at the end of messages. Alternatively the information is typed.

Free and premium applications provide signatures. Setting them up is a matter of preference. The feature is usually found in the settings or tools menu.

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