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Signature Netiquette Rules Conventions for Contact Information

Signature Netiquette Rules

Email Signature Netiquette Rules. They are the guidelines for signatures on electronic messages.

All signatures do not have to be the same. We use different signatures for various reasons. Personal email signatures are simple. A valid professional email signature includes your name, email, business name, phone number, and website (if you have one). vCard attachments are not universally accepted

Email Signature Netiquette is the social code of information used for authentication in email messages. Email is the seventh layer of Netiquette. Signatures are a sub-category.


1. Name

Include your name. First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name. More »

2. Email Address

Put a return address under your name. More »

3. Business Name

Add the business name Company Name. More »

4. Title

Use a title Job Title. More »

5. Phone Number

A phone number telephone Number. Landlines are more credible. More »

6. Fax Number

A fax number. Dedicated fax lines only. More »

7. Mobile Number

A mobile number, cellular telephone number. More »

8. Business Address

Business address for professionalism. Physical business address. More »

9. Website

A website URL. More »

10. Logo

Business logo. Graphic. More »

11. Confidentiality Clause

Use confidentiality clauses where appropriate or required. More »

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Email Signature Netiquette introduction. Keywords, graphics, and images.


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Webmail allows you to send emails with a signature for credibility. Animated characters share the netiquette rules for email signatures.


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