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School Netiquette Rules Guidelines for Organization Learning

School Netiquette Rules

The internet has changed the way people go to school. All classrooms in the industrialized wold use some form of digital education. The internet is used to assist in the administration of education and to educate. There are many online schools.

School Netiquette Rules are the common techniques students and teachers use for learning and teaching on the internet. The rules of netiquette for schools are the ones that the administration sets for everyone. Teachers have their own netiquette rules. School rules supersede what teachers and students do. The school rules govern the online learning process.

This is not to say that students do not make up their own social code. It is to say that teachers tell us how to do it. The rules come from common conventions teachers use. In school they are the authorities who have higher authorities who answer to the government. Interaction is within these boundaries because there is a lot of it to do.


1. Law

Follow the law. More »

2. Institution

Follow school rules. More »

3. Teachers

Listen to your teacher. More »

4. Advisors

Tell trusted advisors about issues. More »

5. Friends

Talk to your friends. More »

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An overview of Education Netiquette. Key terms and graphics that correspond to explanations


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Yoko and Ling Netiquette discuss the rules of Netiquette before school starts because good netiquette rules.


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