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Strong Passwords Safety Netiquette Rules

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It is proper Netiquette to use a strong password. Do make it hard to guess your password.


A password is a secret string of characters used to grant account holders access to their accounts. Strong passwords are hard to guess. They include a number, special character, and capital letter.

A number is included because it is a duplicate key on many keyboards. It is twice as hard to guess. A number in combination with a special character generates two keystrokes from the same set of key with different results. Numbers, special characters, and capital letters make passwords tougher for hackers to steal with a software program or guess.

Internet Etiquette

A number makes a password strong unless it is your birthday. Birthday passwords are considered easy to guess, weak. Not all accounts allow special characters. Certain special characters can damage databases. There are ways to prevent special characters from damaging databases. High security sites do not allow special characters.


Use an uppercase letter, number, and character for a strong password because they are hard to crack.

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