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Self Promotion Reading Network Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to refrain from blatant self promotion. Don't use forums and discussions to promote yourself.


blatant self promotion is also known by the acronym BSP. It is the cultivation of contacts, online associates, and social media friends solely to promote ones self without any reciprocity. It is a person who spams links, promotional material, and never takes the time to engage users genuinely.

Many networks enable this behavior through messaging features and the ability to connect with people you don't really know. Networks that require that you know a person make BSP harder to do because of the stigma attached to soliciting friends.

Internet Etiquette

It makes contacts and connections uncomfortable when a person blatantly self promotes themselves on a book network. Your contacts and connections may feel like they are turning you down if you keep promoting your content to them. A person cannot be expected to buy your book just because you have read similar books or liked the same thing. Most people delete BSP.


Refrain from blatant self promotion in groups because it annoys members.

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