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Font Color Professional Email Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to use clear blue or black fonts. Don't use fancy fonts or red color.


Some fonts are hard to read. Cursive and serifs fonts are illegible in some cases. The stylistic extensions of characters is hard for some people to read.

Blue and black are traditional colors for business communications. They are the colors business people write with. Red font color is considered distracting. Do not use red, yellow, or green.

Internet Etiquette

Serif fonts are generally used for heading. A subject line is a heading. Sans-serif fonts are generally used for body copy, text. Serif fonts appear more clearly than other types.

Black and blue are professional font colors. Red is not acceptable as a font color because it is a color associated with highlighted text. Green is a color that is traditionally used for promotions. Colors have customary uses. Blue and black are used for professional messages.


Use clear fonts blue or black color because some are illegible due to style and color.

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