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Professional Email Netiquette The Culture of Work Related Messages

Professional Email Netiquette

Professional Email Netiquette is the culture of sending messages regarding earning a living. An online message related to a career or job.

Businesses uses electronic mail for many reasons. There is a difference between a professional message and a personal one.

Professional messages come from company domains in large corporations. Smaller companies may use free accounts to send professional messages.


Professional email netiqeutte rules are the customs of people who earn a living. We follow company culture.

Industry standards set guidelines. Accepted business practices govern our use. The rules of offer and acceptance apply.

Laws are sometimes applied to this form of communications customs. Regional, associate, and roles within a company have their own rules. There are many layers.

Professional Email

Professional email is related to earning a living. A message that concerns a job. They are used to communicate within a company.

Customer service is one aspect. In general there is a separate department for dealing with customers. Internal communication is how work gets done.

Work is distributed through list groups. Orders are given and received. It is hierarchical. There is often a chain of command.

Company wide information is disseminated. There are many professional reasons communication is sent in this form within a company.

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