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Professional Email Netiquette Rules Conventions for Effective Emails About Work

Professional Email Netiquette Rules

Professional Email Netiquette is the social code of sending business email. Email Netiquette rules are the Seventh layer of Netiquette. These rules are a sub-category. Email about how you earn a living is professional.

Privacy is essential to complete the mission of any business with competition. Ask yourself, could a reasonable person expect me to keep it private?

Many courts use a reasonable person standard. If a reasonable person could expect it to be private then it probable is considered private. For example, a reasonable person may believe a confidentiality agreement prohibits forwarding an email.


1. Out Of Office

Use the out of office reply to let co-workers know your gone and for how long. More »

2. Salutations

Proper salutations to give your messages credibility. More »

3. Font Color

Use clear blue or black font. More »

4. Response Time

Acknowledge receipt with a reasonable response time. More »

5. Answer Questions

Address potential questions. More »

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