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Ask Picture Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to ask permission before capturing a group photo. Do ask to take pictures.


Mobile devices allow people to take group photographs easily. Sometimes members of groups are not aware that they are being photographed because it happens so fast.

Even if your using a regular camera asking permission before you take a picture is good Netiquette because consent is required to upload photographs to a picture network.

Internet Etiquette

Subjects should be informed that the picture will appear in Social Media. This allows them to look their best and take good photographs.

A subject might not care if the photo is not going on the internet. Knowing that it will be uploaded may change the posture of some of the members of the group. Others may opt out of the picture for various reasons. That is their right.


Ask permission to take group photographs because it makes everyone aware.

Audio Visual Video

Published on May 16, 2015 | 0:22 Seconds | Science and Technology

An introduction to Picture Netiquette. Keywords, graphics, and symbols.


David Chiles

Picture Network Netiquette

Published on April 13, 2013 | 1:26 Minutes | Science and Technology

Photos are popular. Online pictures have their own social networks. There are rules of netiquette for posting pics in an image gallery. All picture networks allow users to make a photo gallery. This video is about the rules of netiquette for using picture social networks.


Nancy Netiquette

David Chiles

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