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Personal Safety Netiquette Participation In Our Protection

Personal Safety Netiquette

Personal Safety Netiquette is the culture of protecting yourself from harm. Protect yourself and your family.

Freedom from the dangers we identify as a society. Social guidelines to identify good people. Transparency is paramount.

Fraud and identity theft are common crimes that arise from data theft on the internet. Netiquette fills a void in protection left by government.

For example China banned bad words. This site banned bad words with netiquette many years before China made a law against them. Curse words are not accepted in Church.

China passing the law came with mixed emotions with regard to this site. It forced further development and leadership.

Bad words are an indicator of people who are misled to do bad things. Banning them cuts down on bad things, crime. Staying away from them protects a person from people who may break the law.


Personal safety netiquette rules are a code for protecting people from harm. There are other dangers and risky behavior on the internet besides crime. There are traditional criminals and cyber criminals.

Cyber criminals break the law on the internet. Conventions for staying within the boundaries of the law to prevent harm are central activities of these guidelines.

The definition of crime is changing. Laws are being changed to accommodate new technology. These conventions generally precede new laws.

The spirit of traditional laws is taken into account before posting conventions. Legislation requires more considerations than personal tips for avoiding criminals.

For example, recreational drug use is acceptable in the Information Age. Drug users curse and swear more than others. Avoiding bad words may help avoid them or those whose use is a problem.

Phishing, identity theft, and fraud can be found online. Child predators have been known to find victims on the internet. There are customs many people follow to prevent these crimes.

Personal Safety

Personal safety is how we prevent ourselves from being harmed. Naturally, this is the reason most people practice netiquette. Most people practice religion for the safety provides.

Netiquette is a social philosophy in civics with some religious overlap. Safety is literally at the center. It was purposely placed in the middle of the conventions.

Society has a great interest in protecting children. Abused children may cause problems for society for their entire life. Preventing abuse builds strong societies.

Please, take special care protecting ourselves and our children. People who are mistreated mistreat others. It is the Golden Rule.

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