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Clarify Personal Email Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to ask for clarification before acting upon a message. Don't do anything unless your sure.


Email messages are often misinterpreted. There are a lot of email phishing scams that provide instructions. A misunderstanding can be clarified. Scams can be filtered out.

Clarification allows the recipient of an email to follow instructions properly. Furthermore, it can filter out phishing messages. Clarification can be as simple as a smiley face to show the tone of a message or how it was received.

Internet Etiquette

Email is digital. There is a lot of meaning that cannot be conveyed digitally, which we often use for effective communication in other forms. Facial expression conveys tone in person to person contact. Vocal variety has meaning in audio contact. Follow up messages are a clarification custom.

If someone sends you an email that is out of character or unusual, ask for clarification before you act. Email accounts are often hacked. There are email scams that target relatives for scams. It is easy to end a relative related scam by talking with the relative directly.


Ask for clarification before acting on instructions because we may do the wrong thing otherwise.

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