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Asynchronous Personal Email Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to accept that it is asynchronous. Don't expect an immediate response.


Asynchronous is an adjective. The word describes something that is not synchronized. Asynchronous means there is a gap between when the message is sent and when it received or read.

Email communication is not synchronized. The recipient may not respond to a message. They may not know a message is coming. A response is not required, but possible. Routine checking of personal mailboxes is required to respond to messages appropriately.

Internet Etiquette

Situations for sending follow up email messages and resorting to other methods of contact vary. A follow up email may be in order if there is no response after one day. A phone call is considered synchronous. Telephone contact raises the importance of the message.

In general personal email should be checked at least once a month because some people send time sensitive information. Checking personal email once a week is preferable. Daily use of personal email is becoming standard.


Accept that it is asynchronous because we cannot expect immediate response.

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