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Personal Email Netiquette Rules Guidelines for Friendly Messages

Personal Email Netiquette Rules

Personal Email Netiquette Rules. They are tips and guidelines for effective electronic communication. The theme of these conventions is to support positive personal relationships.

There tips for appropriate organization and interpretation. Personally we have to be understanding in our communication for it to be effective. In this case, it means being supportive of the contacts we have based on personal interest.

There is no real obligation to this type of contact. We are brought together in communication by mutual interests. Association and affiliation of some sort is how we are connected. Sometimes it may be a mutual contact. These relationships require support.

The culture of sending personal messages online. Email is the seventh layer of Netiquette. The rules and common practices of sending and receiving. Personal messages are a sub-category.


1. Address Book

Keep your address book private. More »

2. Plain Text

Send messages in plain text unless you know the recipients browser capabilities. More »

3. Asynchronous

Understand that email is not immediate, it’s asynchronous. More »

4. Clarify

Ask for clarification before acting on an email to avoid doing the wrong thing. More »

5. No Assumptions

Avoid jumping to conclusions. More »

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