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Watch Out Mobile Netiquette Rules

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It is proper Netiquette to watch out to prevent accidents. Do be careful.


Mobile use coupled with anything increases the chances of being in an accident for everyone around. Mobile device use distracts others from what they are doing. Mobile devices distract people when used because they can be used in most situations, almost anywhere. Internet and mobile devices demand attention that should be given to most situations.

Internet Etiquette

There are precautions people take in places where mobile use is heavy to mitigate the risk of an accident. Awareness is the most basic precaution you can take to prevent accidents from mobile internet use or mobile device use. Be aware that anyplace you use a mobile device someone else probably uses a mobile device. Mobile devices cause accidents by distracting people. Use your awareness of mobile distraction to avoid accidents when mobile users are around and while using a mobile device.


Watch out to prevent accidents because distraction has to be mitigated.

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