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Mobile Netiquette The Culture of Easily Movable Devices

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Mobile Methods

Mobile Netiquette is the social code of mobile networks. They connect to apps through the internet. Data consumption methods are cultural.

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Internet Service Providers (ISP’) sell high speed service. This service is used with wireless routers to create hotspots for mobile devices. Homes and businesses have hotspots.

Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) sell mobile devices with data plans. The devices denote the categories of customs. A list of some of the categories is provided below.

  • Apps
  • Smartphone
  • Phablet
  • Tablet
  • Laptop

Why use Mobile?

Published on July 30, 2018

Mobile netiquette rules are a general guidelines for the category. The devices are easily movable, which makes their use available in almost any situation.

Mobility makes use highly conventional. Groups make rules about use. The more people that are in a group the more conventional the rules become.

Everything is based on the Golden Rule. Social constraints of those around us dictate the rules. A lot depends on who can see our screen.

The times, places, conversations, websites, texts, and emails depend on our circumstances. Guidelines take these things into account.

Do not talk or text and drive is the only hard and fast rule. There is no online enforcement. Rules have work arounds.

How do we Wi-Fi?

Published on July 30, 2018

Wi-Fi is a popular term for wireless local area networks (WLAN). The term wireless includes MNO’s who supply Wide Area Networks (WAN’s) that use cellular towers.

Mobile devices are a class of electronics with Wi-Fi capabilities. Their Operating Systems (OS's) allow for the installation of apps from various developers. These apps have become an industry.

Be aware law enforcement and others are known to extract information from wireless enabled devices. They steal information out of the air. Police extract information from smartphones and other devices.

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