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Mobile Video Netiquette Cultural Consumption of Video On Mobile Devices

Mobile Video Netiquette

Mobile Video Netiquette is the culture of applications used to stream video to and from easily movable devices. Content is cultural. Conventions are central to the consumption.

Streaming video through wireless connections is a status symbol these days. It denotes a high quality device and connection in most cases.

Watching television on a smartphone generally requires an expensive data plan. Alternatively, high definition tablets may be used in hotspots.


Mobile video netiquette rules are the guidelines of streams. They center around where and when motion pictures are consumed.

All content is not always appropriate. Free time makes it acceptable in most cases. Entertaining content is casual.

Explicit language and adult story lines are exclusive. School and work has videos that may be viewed on mobile devices.

There is a lot of entertainment. Some stuff is not for everyone. Technical issues create customs. Viewing has a lot of constraints.

Mobile Video

Mobile Video is the consumption of motion pictures on a mobile device. Motion picture websites are mobile and have apps for various devices.

Streaming can be done on any of the major Operating Systems provided the internet connection is fast enough. The easily movable nature of the screen gives this content new context and meaning.

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An overview of Digital Video Netiquette. Key terms and graphics that correspond to explanations.


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This video is about Netflix. Netflix is a premium website for streaming movies. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to Netflix for Netflix movies. On Netflix people can watch a variety of content in a variety of ways. The way people consume content and use the Netflix network is called Netiquette. The rules of netiquette for Netflix are the social code.


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