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Marketing Netiquette

Internet Marketing Netiquette is the social code of online marketing. Marketing is a process of getting users to buy a product.

The product is a series of clicks. The common conventions of getting users to follow a defined path are the netiquette rules.

There are a lot of online marketing experts. This is interesting because many do not have college degrees in the subject. The discipline has emerged.


Online marketing netiquette rules center around the appropriateness of techniques. There are illegal tactics used in marketing.

Many people just do not know are illegal. Spam is illegal. Subsribers have to be able to opt out.

The rules are what profitable businesses do to make money legitimately. It can be hard to make a profit. For this reason alone we must be wary of experts.

Pay per click is a legitimate online marketing avenue available to drive revenue. It can be accurately measured.


Online marketing is a process of getting users to buy a product, service, or follow a defined user path. The products or services can be sold online or off.

Social Media is a segment of this industry. Pay per click advertising is another segment of online marketing. In social media it may be called a 'media buy'.

Audio Visual Video

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David Chiles

Online Coupons and Codes

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David Chiles