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Marketing Netiquette Rules Cultural Customs of Business

Marketing Netiquette Rules

Internet Marketing is straightforward management decision science. There are no tricks. Experience helps. The culture has common conventions, netiquette rules.

Internet marketing is a process of getting users to buy a product. The product is a series of clicks. The common conventions of getting users to follow a defined internet path are internet marketing netiquette rules.

Internet Marketing Netiquette rules center around the appropriateness of techniques. There are a lot of illegal tactics used in marketing. The rules of netiquette for online marketing are legal and ethical. Businesses that do not have a lot of revenue do a lot of things to generate it.


1. Keywords

Find and use keywords proportionately. More »

2. Product

Define your product. More »

3. Price

Make consumer investment low. An easy to follow user path. More »

4. Promotion

Promote your product online. More »

5. Blog

Blog about your industry. More »

Audio Visual Video

Published on November 18, 2015 | 0:46 Seconds | Science and Technology

Social Media Optimization (SMO) graphics and keywords.


David Chiles

Online Coupons and Codes

Published on June 16, 2011 | 1:08 Minutes | Science and Technology

E-commerce and online shopping provides a lot of coupons and other incentives for using the internet in part of your shopping process whether it is to get a coupon to use at a brick and mortar store or a coupon code to use when making a purchase online. This video contains proper e-commerce etiquette for coupons narrated by David Chiles.


David Chiles