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Laptop Netiquette The Culture of Powerful Portables

Laptop Netiquette

Laptop Netiquette is the social code for using this typ of mobile device. How we engage each other in reality while in cyber space.

Laptops and netbooks include wireless connections. The services center around the connection and apps.

Cloud computing increasingly provides services we use. Apps take advantage of powerful processors to perform many functions.


There are two general categories of laptop netiquette rules. Interaction and technical conventions are central to use.

Some laptops are completely cloud based at one extreme. Others have a lot of built in memory. Accessories and obligations determine technical conventions.

Most applications are cross platform. This brings us together in conventions for popular programs. Accessories are uniform as well.

Institutions, groups, and associations often require them. BYOD is a common acronym included in event notices asking us to, Bring Your Own Device.

They are too big for some situations. Battery power is not long enough for others. Designated areas are created for them.


Laptops are mobile devices that have a built in keyboard, wireless internet connection, video display screens, and places (ports) for plugging in accessories.

The screen sizes range from ten to twenty inches. Webcams, touchscreens, and other input output devices are popular.

A Netbook is an ultra-portable laptop built for Wi-Fi that is smaller and less expensive than a traditional laptop. It does not have an optical drive.

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Published on May 15, 2015 | 0:35 Seconds | Science and Technology

An overview of Mobile Netiquette. Key terms and graphics that correspond to explanations


David Chiles

Laptop Guidelines

Published on February 16, 2012 | 1:31 Minutes | Science and Technology

Netiquette soldiers share the rules of netiquette for laptops, netbooks, and other mobile devices by David Chiles.


David Chiles

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