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Truth Tell The Truth

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Be Honest

Without honesty the Internet is entertainment. A joke at best. Fraud for the most part. Half truths are deceptive practices. Some of truth can be misleading. Read carefully.

It is proper netiquette to tell the truth in online activities.

This guideline is meant to remind people how to avoid misleading commmunication. It goes to show you that many people are dishonest online. The Human Condition applies. Tell the truth.

Lies Are Unreliable

Published on June 18, 2018

Society does not exist without truthfull communication. It is a prerequisite to the Golden Rule. Community is a concept of cooperation in truth. Lies deteriorate connections.

Honest communication is required for the online community to exist. It is truthful. Communities require truthful communication because information shared is relied upon. Lies invalidate the community because the communication of members cannot be relied upon.

We have to tell the truth in order to enable good things to come from online activities. Attending events we have confirmed online are a good indicator of how illusive the Internet is. The majority of people who RSVP online do not show up. Follow up calls to confirm increase attendance.

We Can Relate

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Nancy and Harry patrol a social network. In order to protect their students and friends.

Media generally does not contain the whole truth. The Internet is a medium. It is part of the media. There are many reasons that the whole truth is not always told.

The truth online is a statement that is correct about something. A lie is a statement about something that is false. Misleading statements are borderline lies. Vague statements protect privacy with honesty.

For the most part it is the in the best interest of the sender to convey a good message. Disclosure of possible issues with a message may not be included unless there is a good reason. Things that are not explicitly stated are generally not included. Assumptions people make do not make communication a lie. Read carefully for the truth.


Tell the truth providing vague statements if necessary to protect privacy because lies destroy the community.

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