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Review Spell Check and Proofread

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Think Twice

Review refers to the spell check and proofread or rehearsal. Make sure the message you send is correct before sending it. An auto spell check and proofreader are the most common techniques. Proofreading includes a spell check. Video and voice may use rehearsal.

It is proper netiquette to review messages.

Text is the fastest method of online communication because the data required is small. It transfers and downloads quickly. As a result it is used the most. Other mediums are often attached.


Published on June 17, 2018

Proofreading is a method of text review that often includes a spell checker and proofreader. These are software programs. Manual techniques are taught in school as well as software use.

The rule is to review a message for personal approval before transmission. Spelling and grammar create text understanding. Voice and video need appropriate vocabulary. They are more or less formal with planning or reheasal. A misspelled word is the wrong word similar to unfamiliar vocabulary.

Errors and incorrect word choice make messages hard to understand. Scanning text with the best spell check program and choosing appropriate vocabulary words for telecommunications are review. Looking at text or thinking about what to write or say and making appropriate changes.

This is a minimum standard. There are greater lengths people often go to. It is an appropriate technique to have another person read a message before sending it. Reading a message aloud is another way some people go over communication before it is transmitted.


Published on August 17, 2015 0:37 Seconds

Wendy and Nancy present the first rule of the internet. A discussion and example are included.

Common online tools and software features enable proper Netiquette. There are traditional techniques that can be applied as well. Domains provide text analysis tools.

Activate spell check, add spell check to email. Alternatively, word processing programs with a spell checker can be used. Then copy and paste the text into the browser for transmission.

Important messages are reviewed several times. Rereading messages aloud is common for important communication. Professional communication is considered important.

Traditional methods, online tools, and software features used in common ways make Netiquette. This is the first rule. It is the combination of the traditional values with the benefits of programming power.


Review messages because errors make communication hard to understand.

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