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Don't Be Mean

An Internet flame is an insult. Flame wars are insulting threads. They denote poor communications skills and reflect on the family, upbringing, of the person using them.

It is proper netiquette to avoid inflammatory content, flames.

Flames fly freely on the Internet. Most of the time it is better to refrain from posting how you truly feel if it is insulting to others. There are nice ways to share your opinion. Trolls usually do not get the message. Good users do.

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No one likes to be insulted by definition. Light teasing is acceptable among friends. Emotion has its place online. Insults have no place on the Internet.

If insulting people makes you feel better, it is not clear what to do about it. Avoiding insulting behavior is clearly a good idea. Those who use insult others have bad families by definition.

Communication is sending or receiving a message and responding. We freely communicate with people we feel equal to by choice. Positive communication is good. Negative communication is bad.

An online insult is negative communication known as a flame. It is bad. Internet flames are a reference to inflammatory material posted on the internet. A lot of negative content comes from bait.

Controversial or possibly unpopular statements are considered flame bait. Targets of these attacks acknowledge the insult by responding. There is no reference to it without a response. It loses popularity.

Public relations techniques and tactics can be used to deal with negative media. They may be used for various reasons. One thing using them does is brings you to the same level as the insulting entity. It uses the media for self promotion.


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Sara and Terry discuss why people get flamed. Why not to post insults. A short explanation.

Most of the time engaging trolls backfires. They may have a planned response to make you look bad. Some networks allow engagement to be altered or deleted. It can be a real trap.

People who browse the internet looking for others to insult are known as trolls. Trolls post insults and other inflammatory material. Responding to it gives it influence in the community because references raise rankings.

From a technical standpoint responding to flames increases popularity through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Socially, it can be a trap. Personal attacks online can be hard to defend. The positive nature of good people makes no response the right response as a popular convention.


Refrain from insulting others online because it is cyberbullying.

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