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Discretion Your Best Judgment

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Using judgement implies an ethical consideration. Discretion is the best decision for you as a person that includes the consideration of others. The Golden Rule is the boundary. Doing things solely in your best interest often times are unethical. There are consequences for this type of behavior.

It is proper netiquette to use discretion in online activities.

Many people just do not know any better. They do not understand the consequences of their actions. Discretionary decision making requires information gathering. All things considered.

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Discretion is the course of ethical action. There are guidelines for the type of information we share. Within the rules of correspondence there are social considerations we make.

This is another layer of restraint because domain guidelines for sharing do not take individual circumstances into account. Ethics is a similar word. Corruption is the opposite.

Taking an online action that we know is not in the best interest of ourselves or our community is bad discretion. It is corrupt. Doing some things online without knowing the consequences is bad discretion. The use of discretion requires information gathering when we do not know any better.

Published on February 18, 2014 1:37

The user decision about how much information to provide online contacts is a course of ethical action. A personal judgment is required when filling out online profiles. Writing messages to contacts requires it as well.

Unauthorized acquisition of data is hacking. There is a lot of hacking. Data is easily compromised by mistake and on purpose. Personal judgment is commonly used to determine information sharing practices.

Accessing information is discretionary in many cases. Hacking the data of another is always against the law. Some people do not know any better. Using a strong password is good discretion.


Use discretion because data can easily be compromised.

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