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Be Yourself You Are Your Best Behavior

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Get Along

Be yourself. Being yourself is your best behavior. Acting with all the good manners we have been taught. There is a 'Grandmother Test' that is often taught. Traditionally, we act our best in front of our Grandparents. For online communication the test must be modiied because it is a new form of communication.

It is proper netiquette to be yourself.

Your best self in online communication includes all the good manners you have been taught. This may default to teachers, trainers, or civic organizations. The 'Grandmother Test' is taught in customer training.

True To Yourself

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School, civic organizations, church, and work are principle social institutions. The Internet is technical. Using the telephone manners learned from professional training is your best self. Film techniques learned from classes are appropriate for video chat or other uses of online video. The friendly nature we have with church goers is acceptable for social networking.

A person is themselves when they act as they do around their principle social relationships. Work, family, and friends are principle social relationships. Many people act principally different when interaction is digital. This is not being yourself because it is different from your principle social standards.

You are your associations. Traditionally, we are measured by our friends. This is still true, but online engagement takes more into account. Having good friends does not make up for bad Netiquette. We have to do all the good things we have been taught. Hold yourself to the standards of your principle social institutions.

Be Yourself

Published on October 25, 2015 1:58 Minutes

Nancy and Yusef patrol the web jungle. They have big ideas. Lots of cyber security knowledge. Tactics for engaging trolls.

Internet Etiquette

Online friends are not the same as friends in real life. It is hard to judge someone from their online contacts. It is more telling to judge online contacts by their profiles, contacts, and engagement. There are more factors. Engagement is the biggest one.

People who act differently online than they do in reality cause communication problems. At the extreme, online instigators and agitators are considered trolls. Online communication should not be taken to be completely serious.

Internet hoaxes are common. Trolls do not follow social norms. They insult. Following the best communication techniques we have learned from principle institutions encourages everyone to be on their best behavior. Being your best self is more than creating a positive online image. It is a responsibility of good people so that the Internet can be taken seriously.


Be yourself, so the internet is taken seriously for all the good things it can do for society.

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