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All Caps Titles OK, Shouting No

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Don't Yell

All caps for titles is conventional. It is considered shouting otherwise. Titles appear in all capital letters in reality and in online content.

It is proper netiquette to avoid all caps or shouting.

All capital letters is writing sentences with the caps lock on. It can be a single word written in all capital letters by holding down the shift key while typing. In online communication this is considered shouting, unless it is the proper title of some content.

Titles in all caps catch the attention of readers. Signs in reality are frequently written in all capital letters for this reason. Headings on documents are written this way as well. Web pages are documents. Therefore it is acceptable to use this style for titles in documents. Outside of documents it is undesirable.

No Shouting

Published on June 17, 2018

Words in all caps is a common technique of Internet trolls considered shouting. Trolls are online trouble makers. No caps is standard communiation.

Shouting at people is rude in reality and telecommunications. Messages with all capital letters is the text equivalent to shouting.

People write sentences with mixed case letters. The first letter of the first word in a sentence is generally capitalized. The rest of the sentence is generally lower case.

All Caps Netiquette

Published on October 26, 2011 2:02

Vivian and Ted discuss online intimidation. No shouting. The all caps rule is introduced.

No caps lock. The caps lock style of writing is appropriate for headings and titles.

Trolls write in all capital letters for attention. It is insulting to readers. Which makes it troll activity. Change all caps if they are in your profiles.


Avoid using all caps to shout because the caps lock style of writing is for headings.

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