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Unknown Contacts Hoax Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to ignore requests from unknown contacts. Don't do transactions with people you don't know.


Many people accept friend requests from people they do not actually know. This is common on professional social networks. Often connections are made by a Friend Of A Friend (FOAF). Online classmates, group members, and other contacts make legitimate professional connections. They do not necessarily make legitimate business or intimate partners.

Internet Etiquette

A request to do business with someone you do not know is a common hoax. The less information about the endeavor up front, the more likely it is a scam. Intimate relationship requests often segway into fraud. The more intimate a request is up front, the more likely it is a fake. Often times the request directs further contact to a free email address. This can be done to avoid detection by the social network and authorities.


Ignore requests from unkown contacts because relationships are required for action.

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