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Microblogs Hoax Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to avoid verifying information only in microblogs. Don't believe everything in microblogs.


Microblogs do not have fact checkers. They do have the latest information. Real time news can be found in them. So can scams, tricks, and hoaxes.

Internet Etiquette

Three legitimate online sources usually mean there is some truth to a story. Microblogs are a place to start. They are not legitimate. Well financed news organizations are the most legitimate because they have the most to lose by posting false information.

People post fake information in professional profiles. Using a microblog to verify it does not make it legitimate. Data can be scraped or faked without easy detection.


Microblogs are not reliable because data may be taken from social media, scraped, and reposted.

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