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Hoax Netiquette Rules Conventions for Avoiding Scams

Hoax Netiquette Rules

A hoax is a scam. The rules for avoiding them center around avoidance. There are common tactics used to trick people. Most can be avoided.

Hoaxes attempt to get someone to do something willingly. Most often people are tricked out of money. Other times they are tricked into downloading a virus. Some tricks include sending chain letters for marketing lists. Other times they spread false information for an unknown reason.


1. Verify

Verify online information with a reliable offline source. More »

2. Microblogs

Avoid verifying information only in microblogs. More »

3. Chain Email

Delete. Do not forward chain email. More »

4. Unknown Contacts

Do not respond to requests from unknown contacts. More »

5. Third World

Undeveloped countries are known scams. More »

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