The rules of good behavior online. Everyone could use a little Netiquette. School rules and communication tools.



There is a growing social trend for working together peacefully and with equality in general. Through computers and the Internet it is Netiquette.

Our Story

Civilization started with the writing of the Golden Rule. This is the basis of ethics from Persian Royalty. My family created it, Raya. My surname, Chiles, is found in some of the oldest English civic documents. In numerology, my birthdate evaluates to a 1. It has something to do with the internal inspiration I am sure. Social Media affirmation and heavy use compelled me to build it.

Cyrus the Great, a relative of mine, is known by Greeks as the lawmaker. Darius the Great's, Cyrus's second cousin, Daric is mentioned as donations to build the Temple of David in the Torah, Bible, and Koran. There is a Biblical Golden Rule, Catholic Golden Rule, and Buddhism Golden Rule. It would be unethical for me to keep this information private.

My Story

My lineage was a secret held by me until a dark skinned prosecutor hunted me down for an angry confrontation in which he said he could be my father. My parents were married. I have always been scarred to tell people I am Persian Royalty with a surname that influenced European history more than any other. Iran has been hated by the United States. England is responsible for brutal slavery. Now, we must embrace the good and change the bad.

To put it simply, we would never associate with that type of person. His father is a Los Angeles County Sheriff whose department members have been charged with heinous crimes. The sheriff at the time stepped down in disgrace. More charges have been filed against that department under a new sheriff. They have filed false charges against me.

Web design and writing are my hobbies because I lost my job for something that appears to stem from one of their false charges. I am not even sure what to write because during my research it has become clear to me that the current group of people in power in the United States of America are a terrorist organization who do not follow the law.

Looking at the facts plainly through Federlist eyes, the group of people ruling the United States of America must be considered the worst in all of humanity since they used the most lethal weapons, nuclear, in an unconstitutional government. The laws protecting the government are not legal because we are a nation for the people by the people. In my case, it does not matter because following the law is not feasible. The law says that it is necessary to bear arms. Arms have been used against me.

My lawsuit is for damages and to have the law followed. Hopefully, the outcome will be a country that can lead the world toward unification. There is no question that everyone wants equality and basic human rights. Solving the root issues is more important than violence. Violence may prevent a solution to the problem. Racism and miseducation are the root problem.

This site was built so we can all work together. Building pyramids of intellectual property is the new basis of our economies. Social justice is a side effect of the new level of consciousness we are forming.


The first social handbook dates back to the Fifth Dynasty of Pharoh Isesi in Egypt. The word was created by King Louis XIV’s gardener. Both led during transitional time periods.

Isesi published the book based on the Golden Rule. He practiced Numerology as well. His Vizzr, Ptah-hotep wrote it. On a Gold cylinder excavated from his reign, Pharoh Isesi’s name and title is found with the most powerful number in Numerology 28.

He reigned during the Old Kingdom, Age of the Pyramids. The second to last ruler. Unas was the last ruler. Architecture changed. Civilization declined.


Etiquette comes from Louis XIV of France. The Gardener put up ‘Etiquette’ signs because Nobles were walking on their flowers. It evolved into formal dinner rules codified on tickets.

During this time France fought several wars. They ushered in the Industrial Age in much the same way Isesi ushered in a new era. Louis XIV died in 1715. The USA was founded in 1776.

The time period between Louis' passing and the US being founded is similar to the transitional period in Egypt. America was brought together by the publisher of an etiquette book whose rules were created by French Jesuits (Catholics), George Washington. France financed the revolution. There was war during both times.


The Information Age began when South Korea started teaching Netiquette. Shortly after Netiquette was published. There is no doubt the Information Age will be a Golden Age of peace because smart people don't fight. Justice must be given to the oppressed as matter of natural law, netiquette, and the American way. How it is done is a matter of governmental and international law.

In this time period knowledge and structures are built faster. Transportation is more efficient. Education is easier to obtain. We are applying what we learned from the Industrial Age to our condition.

Decline can be prevented. War, famine, and poverty, which typically precede new eras, are preventable. Education, inclusion, and economy solve the root issues that plague transitional periods. Good Netiquette saved South Korea as planned by their government. It can save any economy in theory since it is a concept.

This is an age where the Internet is the basis of the economy. Netiquette is a uniform code for online interaction with information supplied by others. We are more conscious because of the things we know, Eco-Friendly. Practicing Netiquette is working together. A socio economic philosophy of goodwill and industry.



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