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Email Netiquette The Culture of Electronic Mail

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Email Netiquette

Email Netiquette is the culture of electronic mail. It is used for verification of online accounts. Servies are cultural.

You can surf the internet without an email address, but that’s all you can do. Most online services require it.

An account is a first step in becoming part of internet society. There are categories for this type of communication that have their rules. Some of them are listed below.

  • Signatures
  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Attachments
  • Software


Email netiquette rules are the social aspect of sending electronic messages. Things we do socially when we send and receive a data.

In general a signature is required. As a subcategory of tips there are guidelines for them. Personal is different than professional. Not all personal messages are equal.

A message sent to a customer is different than a message sent to someone within the same department. Messages are not equal.

They belong to the domain they come from. This means an email from a company domain is company property. Gmail and Outlook exemplify this with advertising.

Personal and professional privacy are different. Be careful not to click the ‘reply all’ button by mistake because it is an embarrassing breach of privacy.

Messages can easily be copied, forwarded, or sent to the wrong address. The ‘reply all‘ button responds to the sending address, cc and bcc addresses.


An email is an electronic message sent through the internet with an application. Free accounts are available.

Internet Service Providers, domains, and other services provide fee based accounts. Free accounts are available and paid accounts come with many services.

Everyone should have an email address for sending and receiving messages. It is part of Digital Citizenship.

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