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Email Netiquette Rules Guidlines for Electronic Mail

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Email Netiquette Rules

Email Netiquette Rules are the cultural guidelines of the medium. This was the first form of online communication. It was created in 1971.


1. No Late Messages

Refrain from sending messages late at night. More »

2. Sign Messages

Sign messages with an electronic signature. More »

3. Be Brief

Be concise in composition. More »

4. Ask To Attach

Ask before sending attachments. More »

5. No Sharing

Refrain from sharing addresses without getting permission first. More »

6. Subject Line

Use a descriptive subject line. More »

7. Long Messages

Tell the the recipient if it is long in the subject line. More »

Websites can be viewed from this prospective. Database communication is one way to think of it. Those rules for data interaction along with social considerations give us guidelines for use. Social constraints are programmed into the applications. Netiquette rules further refine the process for sending good messages.

This is the seventh layer of online communication, Email Netiquette 7.0. It is highly sophisticated with a high number to match. General guidelines for sending and receiving email messages.

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