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Education Netiquette Online Acquisition of Knowledge

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Education Netiquette

Education Netiquette is the culture of elearning. Education is instruction for acquiring knowledge.

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Instruction provides a framework built on previously acquired knowledge. Teachers give instructions. Students acquire knowledge with their guidance.

Online learning is study. It is instruction for acquiring knowledge. Digital learning takes many forms.

Elearning is a more general term for it. This includes all electronic assisted learning. Below are some of the categories with social codes.

  • School
  • Student
  • Class
  • College
  • Mooc

Why education guidelines?

Published on August 13, 2018

Elearning netiquette rules may be based on this site. South Korea has proved a successful example after this site was created. Education and safety were placed in the center of netiquette on purpose.

Netiquette encompasses all aspects of elearning because it is the use of electronics. The principles are the same. The practices are different.

South Korea has a 20 book Netiquette series taught in schools. Samsung became the worlds biggest electronics manufacturer after implementation. Teaching netiquette led to economic growth.

South Korea begins teaching guidelines for appropriate use in the second grade. Their version is nationalistic. It includes techniques for community building.

Practices are based on the technology and motivation. Specific rules are different. College is experimental. Professional training is focused.

Following the customs of elearning helps students and teachers. The conventions include discussion, questions, and research. Electronics offer many resources.

What is education etiquette?

Published on August 13, 2018

Education is knowledge acquired by studying. Formally, in the United States, it consists of twelve numbered grades for primary education.

College is not mandatory. It is secondary education. There are a wide variety of professional training programs.

Online learning is not limited to classes. Anything for a structured class or any acquisition of knowledge is learning.

Watching videos to acquire the skills is online learning. Many people use the internet for learning purposes. Some classes require it.

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