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Secure Websites Ecommerce Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to shop secure websites. Don't process transactions on insecure sites.


Data encryption prevents hackers from stealing your data when you make an online purchases because it encodes it. Security certificates provide the best security for transaction processing and are required by most credit card processors. Transport layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are internet protocols for protecting your data, cryptography.

Internet Etiquette

Many different types of internet communication use these protocols to protect data. Websites purchase security certificates that use these protocols to protect your data.

Browsers identify them with a lock in the lower left hand corner and URL that begins with https:// in the address bar. Additionally, some browsers display a warning when you enter a ‘secure’ area. A Lock in the bottom of the browser means the security certificate has been recognized by it. The ‘s’ in the URL stands for secure and gives you further assurance that a site is secure. Not all web browsers display the lock in the corner or prompt you when you enter a secure area. Therefore, you have to look at the URL to make sure a site is secure.


Shop secure websites because encryption protects information during payment.

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