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Ecommerce Netiquette The Culture of Electronic Sales

Ecommerce Netiquette

Ecommerce Netiquette is the culture of internet retail. The social code of shopping and transacton processing.

eTail means internet retail. It is online selling. The combination of the words electronic and retail.

How everyone makes online purchases is customary. The culture is developing. New business models are being created.


Ecommerce netiquette rules are shopping and buying customs. The common practices are how things are legitimately sold online.

There are guidelines for both businesses and consumers. From a consumers perspective it is how to make purchases and who to trust.

The social rules for choosing a website to do business with are key. The method of payment to select is central to the process. How the item is delivered has its own customs as well.

From a businesses perspective marketing is the most customary contact. There are many forms. Each has its own rules. Terms of service can tell a lot about a business.


Ecommerce is the sale of goods and services online. Actions that support the process are included as well.

This is transaction based business that is done on the internet. It includes internet retail, etail, and many other transactions processed on the internet.

One time payments and recurring payments are accepted. Bills are paid. Items are sold. Recurring services are granted.

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